Monday, November 22, 2010

Natalie-Rose's 3rd Birthday Party

Saturday, the 20th of November, we celebrated Natalie-Rose's 3rd birthday, which is today!

Of course I'm going to say that I can't believe how quickly time has flown. Lately, each day is so full of activity that I haven't had time to reflect on how much she has changed.

I was preparing a little slideshow to play during her party and I got stuck looking through her baby pictures. Seems so long ago and yet not so long ago! She truly has become a full member of our family and I can't imagine our family being complete without her! Thanks for this blessing Heavenly Father : )

Here she is after blowing out her candles. Christiana, one of her favorite friends, is next to her.

I saw this idea on the Betty Crocker website. It was a little time consuming, but you don't need special skills to decorate it : ) 

Minutes before party time!

Taking the baby doll grocery shopping

Maisy and Christiana playing with the doll house

It was nice weather for being out on the porch

Look out!

Maisy loves doing little detailed things.

Present time!

A tiny castle with tiny figures inside from Aunt Karen and Uncle Tony.

Gabby gave Natalie a baby doll and a handmade pillow

A pink van with building blocks inside

Candy Land! I think big sister and big brother might play this with her : )

The Fowlers gave her a coloring set and the game Memory

Maisy gave her a beautiful little jewelry box with a beautiful bracelet inside, handpicked by Maisy.

I gave her a wooden cake set that has different toppings and can be cut apart.

Wow! What a baby doll set. She came with all the accessories.

Time for cake! (wooden cake)

Already trying to balance a baby while serving guests.

Maisy is contemplating how she would like the cake to look.

Christi has her baby strapped on and she's off!

Isn't this the sweetest little picture? They all played so well.

And a fun time was had by all! Thanks everyone for coming and for the wonderful gifts!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ema's visit, 2010 part 1

Well, Ema's visit came and was over way too fast. We had so much fun and enjoyed having her with us!

She flew in on Wednesday, October 20th, and she and my dad arrived at the house around 2. There were hugs all around and we settled in and visited.

Talked about some family history that night. Learned that some of my family may have come from Texas, but mostly Alabama and Georgia. Southerners as far back as I know. ; ) As I said on my blog, Ema mentioned one of her aunts was called 'Sunny'. Her real name was Sybil, but she was always known as Sunny. When I get the extra time, I plan on looking up the names Ema gave me on one of the Genealogical research sites and see what else I can find out.

Thursday, we went up on the Blue Ridge Parkway to see the Craggy Pinnacle lookout.

We couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous day. Maybe a less windy day, but nonetheless...
Here are some pictures from our hike...

We stop for a picture on the way up.

This is quite a picture to show the flat-landers!

Hold on to your hats...and doggies...and babies...

Hanging out...

The Pinnacle wasn't *that* high...just so high

Gorgeous layers of mountains

Once we got home from our hike, we were all ready for some relaxation...and pizza.

Friday, the plan had been to take Ema to see some of Downtown, but she asked if she could help my dad finish cleaning up Jed's garden. We all thought that a wonderful idea and made that the focus of the day.

What a special thing for Ema to do!

Natalie, of course, enjoyed being outside!

Nathan even got involved, hauling away the trimmings.

"What do you want done here?"

Back-breaking work, but oh so rewarding!

She looks like a little gardener with her hat and crocs on!

Leaning on Jed's rock for support


"Take picture my hand!"

They had a line going...Daddy threw weeds to Ema, Ema gave them to Natalie, Natalie loaded them in the wheelbarrow and Nathan hauled them to the compost pile.

Headed in after a full afternoon of gardening. Time to get ready to go for dinner at Piazza's!

A couple times during her visit, we walked our road to enjoy the beautiful colors of Fall, which were at their peak!

Love this picture of Ema on our front porch!

The rest will have to be continued on the next post!