Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our car accident...

We were so thankful because our car had just passed inspection. 

Mom and I were on our way to the Cove, I was going in to work. We needed to stop in at Earthfare in the Westgate shopping center on the way, so mom got over in the right lane. There are a lot of fast food places and stores along Patton Avenue, so the traffic slowed to a stop because someone was turning in for a burger or something.

Mom came to a stop, and as a habit, glanced in the rearview mirror. She said something, and I looked in the mirror. There was a silver SUV coming up behind us and I could tell it was not going to stop. We didn't even hear any brakes screeching. Then...WHAM!

We'd been rear-ended! My first thought was, "I'm okay! Is mom okay?" She was. Then I started getting mad. Just what we needed! But I remembered that God says to forgive and also to be thankful. So I worked on the forgiving and thanking...

Mom was able to pull into one of the fast food parking lots and we got out to assess the damage.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. No broken glass, just a bent in back door and bumper. But then I looked at the Tahoe that ran into us. The front was all busted, antifreeze was pouring out and the airbags had deployed. The driver had gotten out and her son was with her. They looked okay. Mom tried to ask how they were, but the girl, she's a year younger than me, just shrugged. We guess she doesn't speak english. (We found out later that she didn't have a license and didn't even own the vehicle.)

While mom's calling the police and the insurance company, a car pulls up next to ours and a man gets out. I recognize him! It's Jack, one of the men who drive the shuttle bus for the Cove. He asks how I am and offers to take me on to work. (He could tell I was going because I was wearing my uniform). Mom and I both felt like I should at least wait until later in the day. So he talked with me some, which was so nice, and he went on to work, with a message from me saying I'd been in an accident. (I couldn't call in because mom needed the phone)

The cop came and asked the basic questions. He asked if we needed a medic to come check us out. Mom had said her neck was hurting and my lower back was throbbing, but I didn't know what they would tell us other than to go to the ER to get x-rays, so we said no. We've been fine since.

So finally, daddy came (Nathan was at home with Natalie, who we almost brought with us) and the tow truck showed up. They loaded our car, and then the Tahoe. And off they went.

We piled in my dad's truck (that was scary to ride in a vehicle so soon after an accident) and headed home. I called work and thankfully Rita told me they had it taken care of and to relax. I love my workplace : )

We've had a rental car for a week and a half now and will probably have it for another week and a half.
Mom and I are fine, but we have gotten so many things in the mail from Chiropractors, Doctors, healthcare companies, and Lawyers. Probably all because we told the cop our backs ached a little. Oh well...

I really am just so thankful about God's protection and the Peace He gave. If we had even a glimpse of all that we are spared from, we'd all fall on our faces and thank Him constantly. 

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