Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring in Jed's Garden

The Hosta plants have simply exploded already!

The beautiful Hosta, full of leaves. These probably need dividing...

The Japanese Maple is doing wonderfully.

This Clematis was a new addition last year and it died on us. We were all concerned it wouldn't come back, but once it peeked out of the ground it has been growing a few inches everyday it seemed.

And finally the Lily of the Valley is starting to thrive! They haven't done much ever since mom planted them, but this Spring they started coming up all over the place. They are just so sweet!
There are several significant things about Lily of the Valley which are fitting for their being planted in Jed's garden...
They are the birth flower for the month of May...
 They are also known as "Our Lady's Tears" meaning the tears Eve cried when being banished from the Garden of Eden, and also the tears Mary cried at the foot of the Cross...
 Lily of the Valley is considered the sign of Christ's Second coming...
 Another name they are known by in "Ladder-to-heaven"...

And they just smell so wonderful! You can smell them as you walk down the steps into the garden.


And here is a cute picture I got of our rooster and his daughter...one of the two chicks which hatched last fall. One was a rooster (we gave him to the Fowlers) and he looked like the Barred Rock mama. And the other was this sweet little hen who looks like the Blue Cochin daddy.

 "What you two girls talkin' about?!"

Natalie-Rose is starting to try her hand at tree climbing! A girl after my own heart...I would still love to climb trees!


The Rhododendron has spread out and set out some roots and it is covered with buds! I'm going to try to catch the buds opening at different stages.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Jed's Garden in Spring!

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