Monday, November 16, 2009

Adoption Celebration Dinner Nov. 13, 2009

On Friday night, Grandfather Home (our foster/adopt agency) had their annual Adoption Celebration Dinner. Our family was invited because Natalie-Rose's adoption will be final by the end of the year! Yay!

It was such a special night. To be there with other families that have gone through the same struggles that we have, that are finally able to call their child their own!

Mom was asked to say something. And it was just right! Briefly telling the story of how our family was led to adopt and just the journey we've been on and how blessed we are to have this precious little one!

There was a very meaningful candle-lighting ceremony. First, on each table was a single candle, plus two taper candles. The adoptive parents each took a taper candle, lit it, and then together lit the single candle. Same idea as the unity candle in weddings.

Then, on the main table were 5 taper candles. Misty, one of the case workers, lit one by one, each one honoring something different. The first honored the birth parents. The second, the child being adopted. Third, the adoptive parents. Fourth, parents waiting for a child. And last, children waiting to be adopted.

While all this was going on, Natalie-Rose was so sweet. Just as attentive as she could be, coloring pictures, looking at all the people.

Then we had a wonderful Pizza and Pasta dinner. Natalie ate so well!

Time to dance!


  1. What a blessed time of celebration. It has been a long journey, but you guys have been faithful in following the Lord in all of this. And you have ministered to more children than Natalie-Rose. you have blessed so many other foster and adoptive families as well by living out your testimony. Thank you. ~CS

  2. She is so blessed and such a blessing it has been watching her grow over the past 2 years! We love you guys. Joi, Kaity & Erin