Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Duggar family in Asheville!

Usually church goes until 2:30, but last week we all had plans to go see the Duggars at another church in the area, and so we cut things a little short.

Several of the families in our fellowship have been following the Duggars and their growing family for a while now and once we heard the news about them coming to our town, we couldn't not go!

It ended up that our whole church family was there, and all together only filled up two rows in the huge church the event was at!

The whole family first came on stage, including Grandma Duggar and the littlest Duggar. Jim Bob introduced all the children from oldest to youngest.

Then the children from Jana all the way to little Johanna, put their violins up to their chins. They played three beautiful arrangements of hymns for us. "Nothing but the Blood", "Be thou my vision" and one other.

Once the concert was over, Jim Bob and Michelle got comfy at a table and shared their testimonies. How very humble they are! Neither of them had ideal childhoods like one might think. It's so inspiring to hear about where they came from and what the Lord has done through willing hearts.

After the sharing of testimonies, the children came back up and they recited Scripture they had memorized. Ephesians 6:10-20, the armor of God. Michelle got down in front of the stage so that she could be seen by all. I loves it when she gave a little, "Ten-hut!" All the kids straightened up.
The scripture portion is quite long, so Michelle made up hand motions to help them all remember. It was so wonderful! I have a video of it here:

And at last, the whole family sang what has become their family theme song, sharing about God's grace, "It's through the Blood".

Just a great opportunity and a once in a lifetime experience! They are such wonderful representatives of the Christian faith!

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