Friday, May 21, 2010

Isle of Palms, Day 3

So, on day three, we got up early, decided our plans for the day over breakfast and went down to the beach once again.
Karen and I took off on the bikes and went all over. We went over to the restaurant we were planning to go to for lunch, the Banana Cabana, and checked out the specials for the day.
That place makes the best fries!!! So after getting back and getting ready, we went for lunch.
After lunch, Charleston!

Natalie was so sweet as she waited for her chicken fingers

"Where's my food?"

Nathan, Tony, and Karen

Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of our plates once they came...I know mom got her usual, fried shrimp, I got a shrimp, mushroom, artichoke quesadilla, Nathan got a personal pizza, Karen got grilled Mahi Mahi...I don't remember the rest. But we all thoroughly enjoyed our meal. The neat thing was we were able to walk to the restaurant. So we "earned" our special lunch ; )

Next, we all loaded up and headed across the bridge into Charleston.

(Yeah, old picture, I know, same bridge though)

Didn't have anything, really, on the agenda. Well, I wanted to go to "Cupcake", a place that sells all kinds of cupcakes, but that didn't work out too well. It was too far away!
Anyways, we saw the beautiful, historic homes, covered in Jasmine. It smelled so wonderful!

Can you smell the Jasmine?

Everyone had beautiful window boxes on display

Look at all that Rosemary! I ran my hand across the length of it to release it's scent.

This is what they used to use to step out of the carriages. I guess it would've been right on the curb, instead of behind a tree. Interesting little piece of history.

All the Jasmine. What a good way to leave in the morning and come home in the evening!

I love the roses and the real gas lamps are so romantic.

Makes you want to see what's back there, does it not?

How about this one? This makes me think of heaven...we just have to get through the bars and were free...

This gorgeous gate was at a teahouse. It is incredible how realistic it is. Look like bronzed Fuschia.

Ballast stones from the merchant ships make up this road. Neat!

More pretty flowers...

and more...

Argh! So spooky! I was carefully aiming my camera, waiting for this thing to move on me, like in The Christmas Carol, and Nathan comes up from behind and grabs me, making me jump out of my skin!

Daddy says, "Do you see that?" I say, "What?"

What I took for a building was actually a cruise ship!

And after getting some gelato and free salt-water taffy samples...
home again, home again, jiggity jog.

Back at the beach...

Sweet little beach-peach...

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