Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sunset on Day 2

The very best place to go see the sunset is at Fort Moultrie on Sullivan's Island.
( ) This has been another tradition for us. I don't know how my Aunt and Uncle first found out about it, but it's wonderful.
So, we thought, "Maybe we should get there in plenty of time, since word's probably gotten around about that place." So we got there a little after 6:30, with the sun setting at 7:30.

You see how high it still is in the sky. So we were going to walk around...but it was soooo windy, and chilly, that we were looking for anywhere to get out of the wind!

Nate looking introspective...

We found a dead Puffer Fish!

Karen and Tony got back in their car to wait for the sunset, so did mom and Nate.
Daddy, Natalie and I braved the chilling winds and it was actually lovely.
As we watched, huge container ships went by. It's something to think that those containers are the trailers you see on the interstate! I wonder what they're carrying and where they're going?

Storm clouds began to gather over Charleston...

as we watched...

and continued to build...

as we watched and waited...

we could see rain falling on Charleston, as the sun dropped behind the huge storm cloud.

It almost looks as though Charleston is burning! (which has happened before)

Those clouds were massive and angry!

This was so picturesque...this is actually someone's back yard furniture! Imagine eating dinner as you watch the sun sink beneath the horizon...ah...

Photo-op! Sunny with the sun!

And as we were hoping, the sun finally popped out through the clouds and shined down on the Charleston skyline.

I love how the light was reflecting on the waves rolling in...

Karen and Tony came out of the shelter of their car to see the sunset and to get a picture.

Family can see how windy and cold it was! My dad's face...

Thinking about how incredible it is that God breathed that very sun into existence so long ago!


  1. Great Pics! I love the one of your Dad and Natalie- it's beautiful! And the sunset reflecting off the waves! Wow! It looks like it was an awesome experience! I love sunsets too! :-)

  2. GASP!!! Wow, :0. jaw drop, what else can I say, those are some awesome pictures, some of those look like they should be like sold or something,
    anyway it proves my point (that I have never tried to make), that you can have a really fancy expensive camera and take terrible pictures, and you can also have a run of the mill camera and take magnificent pictures, it's not the brush that makes the painting beautiful, but the hands that paint it, That sounds deep right?
    Can't wait to see how your pics from Banner Elk turned out.